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Medical and Statistical Information

Cesarean (C-section delivery) rates have been soaring higher in the United States from 1996 until now. According to Statista research, more than 40% of the women between the ages of 40 and 54 underwent a C-Section in 2018, whereas 19.8% of the women under 20 gave birth via cesarean delivery. You can find additional statistical data for this delivery method on CDC’s official website

Cesarean birth is a major surgical procedure for delivering a baby, besides vaginal births. A vertical/ horizontal incision is made through the skin, into the uterus or abdomen. After the delivery, the obstetrician stitches back the top layers, whereas the fascia is left to heal on its own, leaving a permanent scar. 

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The procedure is performed as a last resort and only when the medical practitioner believes it to be the safest method, considering the mother’s and baby’s condition. You’ll probably receive regional anesthesia to numb your lower body or general anesthesia in emergencies where you’ll be entirely unconscious. As the effect of anesthesia starts to fade, the care teams get into action for your support. You’ll have round the clock amenities while at the hospital. However, the kind of hospital and the staff they have makes a difference to your delivery method and safety. 

There are several risks involved with cesarean birth, as with any other surgical procedure. Although it is safe and can be a lifesaving emergency, C-sections are riskier than vaginal births. Protracted labor, breech birth, fetal distress, pregnancy with twins, HIV, diabetes, or high blood pressure are specific reasons C-section becomes necessary.

This is why doctors suggest taking proper post-op care. You must expect to stay at the hospital for two to four days or longer if any complications arise. However, the body might need a month or two to recover completely. You will need constant support from your partner, family, and friends at home. 

Also, be sure to monitor yourself, practice gentle waking, and find support if you experience postpartum depression. Moreover, C-section Recovery Center can help you get back to your health. You can always get in touch with us for better assistance.

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