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Cesarean delivery rates have risen significantly over the past decade, with no signs of reversing. If you are undergoing a healthy pregnancy without any medical complications, it is best to wait until you get into labor and choose vaginal birth. However, if your medical practitioner points out any difficulties, a C-Section (cesarean birth) may be a possibility.


C cection operation recovery

Since it is major surgery, the decision can be life-changing, and you will need time to heal completely. It can also cause you discomfort and side-effects years after your child is born. If you are looking for more up-to-date information on C-sections, after-birth care, and recovery, here are some resources that can help:

Birth Right – Comprehensive details about C-sections, from planning to the topics of recovery. 

ICAN  – Excellent source for promoting VBAC and supporting C-sections, and offering local chapters. For all things before, during, and after C-section.

Tommy’s and ACOG  – Great platforms to begin your informational and motivational journey with and clarify any ambiguities. 

Caesarean –  Offers support and information on various aspects of this procedure.

March of Dimes  – Empowers mothers and families with their valuable information. 

Motherly  – Helpful tips on C-Section Recovery

American Pregnancy Association’s 

All these are general resources on C-Section addressing the pressing need for advocacy, research, and protection of mothers, babies, and their families. Each one helps you tap into the virtual network of professionals for better support when you need it the most.

So, take charge of your maternity care and make better plans for giving childbirth. Stay connected with the C-Section Recovery Center to receive more updates.

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