Our Treatment Program

The C-Section Recovery Center is the first and only massage therapy clinic that specifically addresses c-section trauma. C-section trauma will not simply resolve itself over time. It must be addressed with manual treatment if symptoms are to improve.

Our approach comprises a hybrid of different manual therapy techniques acquired through years of education and training, as well as many techniques that are unique to our practice. We include Systemic Resuscitation, Spheroidal Breathing, Lymph Drainage TherapyTM, CranioSacral TherapyTM, Myofascial ReleaseTM, and more to facilitate the body’s natural healing processes and reverse the negative side effects experienced from c-sections.

“Freedom Restoration”

When a patient starts our treatment program, she has experienced the beauty of having a child and yet has a paradoxical sense of post-surgical restriction, strangulation, and toxicity caused by having had a c-section. In a sense, she has lost her ability to be physically free, to move through her environment without restriction.

We are in the freedom restoration business. Women enter our clinic flexed, closed, shut down, stuck, and strangulated, feeling what we refer to as the “tourniquet effect.”

By restoring the body’s ability to heal itself through a number of manual therapy techniques, women are freed from the pain and dysfunction caused by their c-sections, allowing them to live happier, healthier lives.