C-Section Chronic Pain Relief

Areas where we provide relief from chronic pain caused by c-section surgery.A C-Section is traumatic. And chronic pain is a likely result, a fact under-appreciated by physicians.

C-Section surgery, particularly the low horizontal “bikini cut”, severs muscle, fascia, lymph vessels and nerve pathways thus creating negative effects throughout your body.

33% OF WOMEN STUDIED EXPERIENCED CHRONIC PAIN TWO YEARS AFTER “BIKINI CUT” C-SECTIONS according to a peer-reviewed, widely cited article published by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.*

How Has Your C-Section Affected You?

C-Section surgery often causes chronic pain, discomfort and bulging that persists for many months, or many years. Affected areas can be at your incision site, your pelvis and abdomen, or places seemingly distant from the surgery.

  • Is your tummy no longer flat?
  • Do you often have pain in one or both hips?
  • Are you experiencing frequent lower back pain?
  • Is shoulder or neck ache common for you?
  • Feel as if you have a tight band squeezing your abdomen?

Release The Tourniquet™
Our proprietary approach will free you
from chronic pain after a C-Section by addressing the actual issues: adhesions, myofascial pain, nerve entrapment and lymphedema caused by C-Section surgery.

Ours is the first and only massage therapy program developed specifically to address c-section trauma. – John James LMT

Surgeons and conventional western medicine deal well with the acute pain occurring immediately after C-Sections. They are much less successful with chronic pain that persists for months after your release from hospital.

Did your discomfort or dysfunction arise long after your surgery? Does your pain occur somewhere distant from your incision site? If so you can expect little understanding from your surgeon, and, little effective help resolving the matter.

Discuss your symptoms with someone who can help.

Speak to someone who understands chronic pain caused by surgery.


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C-Section Recovery Center specializes in relief of chronic pain, and, relief from chronic dysfunction, for women who have had C-Section surgery. 

We distinguish chronic from acute  pain in this way:

acute pain arises immediately after surgery, is near the incision location, and diminishes completely within several weeks;
chronic pain is that which continues longer than three months after surgery and may be distant from the incision.

Chronic pain caused by C-Section surgery may also arise several weeks or months after surgery, and persists for a period longer than three months.


* Obstet Gynecol. 2008 Apr;111(4):839-46. doi: 10.1097/AOG.0b013e31816a4efa

The Pfannenstiel incision as a source of chronic pain.

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